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We are excited about the possibility of serving along side you! There are many ways you can serve at Next Step. Look over the information below and contact us to let us know where you are interested in serving.

Job Descriptions for Volunteers at Next Step:



  •  Greeter/Receptionist: Our greeter’s can serve on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am until 2pm and are the first person who our visitors will see as they sign in. This person needs to be friendly and welcoming and able to handle many tasks at once. The main functions include answering the phone, checking records regarding the history of assistance of each visitor. And then introducing them with that information to the Intake Counselor.


  • Intake Counselor: Our intake counselors can also serve on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am until 2pm and play a very important role in building a relationship with each person coming in for assistance. They need to be strong in their faith and convictions in Jesus Christ. During the session they will assist each person seeking help with gathering all personal information, income and expenditure info and the specific need they are seeking. At the onset of the meeting they are given the opportunity to ask them if they are saved, and if yes, then challenge their answer by asking for their assurance. At that point we ask them how we can pray for them and take the time to pray before gathering all personal info.

       ** Note ** Because our Greeters and Intake Counselors handle personal information it is of the utmost importance that that information is kept in the strictest of confidence.

  • Store Coordinator: We have a store coordinator for each day of the week Monday thru Saturday from 10am until 2pm. The coordinator is responsible for handling all money transactions and overseeing the drawer. This includes verifying drawer was reset properly by Director at start of day and then counting all profits and recording that information on a resolution sheet at end of day. We also allow the coordinator to be in charge of volunteers assisting in the store each day of service.


  • Store Workers: During each day of service in the store we have volunteers that will assist in organizing clothing and cleaning up isles to keep the clothes in correct areas and properly presentable as the Coordinator/Director sees fit. This position is also important in regards to relationship building with unchurched community service workers and/or volunteers who are in our ‘Serve to Earn’ program. The time we have with each individual who is in our facility that is not saved is a great opportunity to give them the ultimate answer to where help can be found, Jesus Christ.


We would love to help get you plugged in!

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